Ambientech: Ciencias, Salud y Medio ambiente. Educación Secundaria

Our mission

Ambientech's mission

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“Everything we do, we do so with an improvement of our environment and health in mind. We believe that conscious education is the key to achieving this improvement.

The tool that allows us to achieve this is the promotion of an innovative learning methodology, adapted to the current technological culture of our society, and with a focus on the protection of the environment and our health.

This is possible through our digital educational setting of reference in the world of free access education and for all audiences. “

Ambientech is a non-profit association born on June 29, 2001 to investigate the influence of new Information and Communication Technologies in education.
In order to achieve this great objective, we have created an educational program that uses ICTs as a basic tool for learning in Primary and Secondary Education since these are formed as the basic language of the current technological culture of young people.

Main objectives of Ambientech
• Promote and facilitate the knowledge of science, health, technology, and the environment.
• Promote and encourage innovative and quality education.
• Promote and develop educational activities related to science, health and the environment.
• Relate science and the environment to raise awareness among children and young people about the need to be respectful of our surroundings.
• Relate science and health to promote a healthy lifestyle.
• Increase the attention paid in class to reduce school failure.
• Reach all groups of the population, especially those in need.

Ambientech has a governing body, the Board of Trustees, which is the highest body of the association. The representation of the association, the administration of its assets and rights that make up its assets, and the direction of the activities for the fulfillment of its purpose all correspond to the Board of Trustees.

President: Ms. Àngels Sala

Secretary: Mr. Ferran Casanova

Treasurer: Mr. Eduard Casanova

Member: Ms. Désirée Albors

Vocal: Mr. Thiago Vieiras

Vocal: Isabel Reverté