Ambientech: Ciencias, Salud y Medio ambiente. Educación Secundaria

Our mission

Our Methodology

Ambientech’s methodology is an active and innovative one that aims to disseminate and facilitate the study of science and technology through the Internet. The incorporation of ICT is the basic tool of this methodology that wants to adapt to the current technological culture of students.

Our educational portal contains numerous digital educational itineraries with animations and interactive exercises that facilitate learning and increase students’ motivation towards science, our health, and the environment. Students can work with these materials individually, in groups or guided by their teacher. This multimedia material is on the Internet and can be projected on a digital whiteboard or can be viewed through any digital device (computers, tablets, etc). The teachers during these work sessions can be guides or supervisors of the process of assimilation of content by students.

All the pedagogical resources of Ambientech have been carefully designed so that navigating through them is highly intuitive. These resources can be used without difficulty by teachers and students of any age.

Our educational itineraries are designed so that each student advances according to their learning pace, which allows for the classroom to adapt to the diversity of its students. Each activity advances according to the responses and actions of the users, and therefore respects their individual rhythms and enhances their autonomous learning.

Adapted to the current technological culture

Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through science

Animations and interactive exercises that ease learning

Awareness of diversity within classrooms