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Ambientech's program

The Ambientech program

Ambientech is an educational portal that aims to disseminate and facilitate the learning of Science, Technology, Environment al Science and Health to students in Middle School, High School or Associate degree programs.

This program is a support tool for students and faculty who want to effectively learn about science in the classroom through ICT. With the help of multimedia activities that include attractive animations and exercises with a high level of interactivity.

The Ambientech program relates science with environmental science and health education. On the one hand, it aims to provide basic knowledge of science and technology as well as raise awareness among young people so that they assume attitudes of responsibility towards the environment and lead a healthy lifestyle, through this knowledge.

The multimedia activities of the program develop curricular contents of biology, geology, chemistry, physics, health sciences, technology, and social sciences.

The educational resources of the program are structured into different thematic areas and add up to more than 300 multimedia activities. Each subject area has an index where you can consult all the teaching units, their contents and their curricular correspondence. For more details on the Ambientech program, you can consult our mission, methodology and our team of authors pages.

Ambientech’s objectives

Ease the learning of STEM subjects

Relate science and environmental studies to promote social consciousness.

Relate science and health to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Encourage vocations in science and technology

Involve the public and private sectors to promote environmental and healthy lifestyle campaigns.

Reach all sectors of the public.

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