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Are you a socially responsible business?
Would you like to participate in our educational program that promotes sustainable development?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change realizes the revision of educational materials related to the environment, ensuring its scientific rigorousness.

Solidary entities are part of a community of more than 50 organizations that are socially responsible towards sustainable development, the RSC (Responsabilidad Social Corporativa).

Thanks to the collaboration of solidary organizations, Ambientech is able to offer its educational material completely for free. This is how we are promoting universal educational for all students of every social class.

The entities that collaborate on this project contribute to the formation of future generations by promoting environmental awareness and a healthy lifestyle.

The organizations that collaborate with us support a referential science, environment and health education platform for secondary schools. More than 1650 schools are using Ambientech in Spain, North and South America.