Educational resource: Water distribution on Earth

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SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

4. Quality education
6. Clean water and sanitation
11. Sustainable cities and communities

1. Water as a source of life

2. How is hydrosphere water distributed?

3. The distribution of water on the planet

4. Availability of fresh water per resident per day

5. The different water reserves in Spain

6. Self-evaluation test

Water is a source of life on our planet. All living things need water to grow and develop. We live on the blue planet, named this way because 3/4 of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Even so, fresh water is a scarce source that must be preserved. Through this educational itinerary you will learn about the fresh water reserves of the planet as well as drought areas that can not supply fresh drinking water to all the inhabitants.

Nature Sciences: 1st cycle ESO
Social sciences: 1st cycle ESO / 2nd cycle ESO
Biology and Geology Secondary Education
Environment Secondary Education

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