Renewable vs nonrenewable energy souces

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SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

4. Quality education

7. Affordable and clean energy

11. Sustainable cities and communities

12. Responsible production and consumption

13. Climate action

1. Video on renewable energy

2. Elements of nature

3. What are renewable resources?

4. Renewable vs non-renewable

5. Primary and secondary energy sources

6. Self-evaluation test

Educational itinerary that allows the user to learn and distinguish renewable energy sources from non-renewable energy sources, as well as the primary energy sources from the secondary energy sources. At the end of the educational itinerary the user can perform an evaluation test to check if he has consolidated the concepts presented.

Biology and geology 4th ESO: Block 3. Ecology and environment

Physics and Chemistry 2nd and 3rd ESO: Block 3. Changes. Block 5. Energy

Technology 4th ESO: Block 6. Technology and society.

Scientific Culture 4th ESO: Block 3. Technological advances and their environmental impact

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