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SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

4. Quality education

7. Affordable and clean energy

11. Sustainable cities and communities

12. Responsible production and consumption

17. Partnerships for the goals

1. The formation of coal

2. Is it a carbon or a mineral?

3. Coal combustion reaction

4. A special case: China

5. Life cycle of coal to obtain electricity

6. Self-evaluation test

Educational itinerary that explains coal treatment from its formation to the most common uses. In addition, combustion reactions are explained through the combustion of coal to obtain heat energy. It also includes a special case about pollution caused by the combustion of coal in some cities in China. Finally, a life cycle analysis is presented so that you can know first hand the tools that exist to assess the environmental impacts caused by the use of coal. Animations and interactive activities are combined to facilitate learning and increase motivation to study.

Biology and geology 4th ESO: Block 3. Ecology and environment

Applied Sciences to Professional Activity. 4th ESO: Block 2. Applications of science in environmental conservation.

Physics and Chemistry 2nd and 3rd ESO: Block 3. Changes. Block 5. Energy

Technology 4th ESO: Block 6. Technology and society.

Scientific Culture 4th ESO: Block 3. Technological advances and their environmental impact

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