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Human reproduction

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Human biology


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SDG (sustainable development goals)

3. Good health and well-being
4. Quality education
5. Gender equality
17. Partnerships for the goals

1. The female and male reproductive system

2. The cycle of the female reproductive system

3. Pregnancy development

4. Demography and birth in the European Union

5. Good sexual health

Educational itinerary that explains in detail the human reproduction. Animations and interactive activities are combined to facilitate learning and increase motivation in the classroom. Towards the end of the itinerary you can test yourself on good sexual health, which we hope will be of great help for teenagers.

Secondary Education Biology
People and their health. Healthy lifestyle promotion

4. Classify diseases and assess the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent them.

5. Determine the most common non-infectious and infectious diseases that affect the population, their causes, prevention, and treatments.

6. Identify healthy habits as a method of disease prevention.

25. Refer to the basic aspects of the reproductive system, differentiating between sexuality and reproduction. Interpret drawings and diagrams of the reproductive system.

26. Recognize the basic aspects of human reproduction and describe the fundamental events of fertilization, pregnancy and childbirth.

29. Value and consider their own sexuality and that of the people around them, transmitting the need to reflect, debate, consider and share.

The edition of this educational itinerary has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Merck Health Foundation, Fertypharm laboratory, and Ambientech, in addition to the scientific review of the Spanish Fertility Society. Because of these four collaborations, this educational itinerary is of great quality, free to access, and scientifically rigorous.

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