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SDG (sustainable development goals)

3. Good health and well-being
4. Quality education
17. Partnerships for the goals

1. A medical consultation

2. Histological laboratory

3. Microscopic study of cells

4. The cell cycle

5. Genomics Laboratory

6. Chemotherapy and prevention

7. Different research professions

Educational itinerary that presents in detail the operation of a research laboratory.
Through a case of a patient with colon cancer, we get to know all the steps performed in a histological laboratory to analyze a biopsy sample. In addition, all the steps performed in a genomics laboratory are also presented to determine if a disease is of genetic origin. Animations and interactive activities are combined at all times to facilitate learning and increase motivation to study.

Secondary Education Biology
People and their health. Healthy lifestyle promotion

1. Categorize the different levels of organization of living matter: cells, tissues, organs and devices or systems. Differentiate the main cellular structures and their functions.

2. Differentiate the most important tissues of the human body and their function.

3. Discover the factors that determine health and disease, from their knowledge of both concepts.

4. Classify diseases and assess the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent them.

5. Determine the most common non-infectious and infectious diseases that affect the population, their causes, prevention and treatments.

6. Identify healthy habits as a method of disease prevention.

7. Learn the basic functioning of the immune system, as well as the continuous contributions of biomedical science.

The edition of this educational itinerary has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Social Work “laCaixa”, IDIBAPS, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya and Ambientech. We have also had the scientific review of a team of oncologists from the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Because of these 5 collaborations, this educational itinerary is of great quality, free to access, and scientifically rigorous.

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