Educational resource: Life in rivers

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Middle School | High School | Associate degree programs


Learning to learn.
Mathematical, scientific, and technological competence.
Digital competence

Knowledge area

Biology and Geology
Physics and Chemistry


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SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

4. Quality education
6. Clean water and sanitation
11. Sustainable cities and communities
14. Life below water
17. Partnerships for the goals

1. Where do we find runoff water?

2. Biotope or biocenosis

3. The course of the rivers

4. The biocenosis of rivers

5. Different landforms

6. Recognize different wetlands

7. Self-evaluation test

Life in the rivers is very diverse, it varies according to the climate and the course of the river. In this educational itinerary the user learns to distinguish the difference between biotope and biocenosis, recognize different landforms and classify some beings that live in rivers. Animations and interactive activities are combined to facilitate learning and increase motivation to study.

Biology and geology. 1st and 3rd ESO: Block 2. The Earth and the universe

Natural sciences: 1st cycle ESO / 2nd cycle ESO
Biology and Geology Secondary Education
Environment Secondary Education

The edition of this educational itinerary has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Agbar and Ambientech. Thanks to this collaboration, this educational itinerary is of great quality, open access and scientifically rigorous.

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