Circular Economy

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SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

4. Quality education

11. Sustainable cities and communities

12. Responsible production and consumption

17. Partnerships for the goals

Index Circular Economy

  1. Cycle of matter, open or closed?
  2. Planned obsolescence
  3. Biodegradation
  4. The 5 Rs
  5. The water cycle in the society
  6. Sustainability of the planet

Description of the resource Circular Economy

The circular economy is a strategy promoted by the EU to achieve the sustainability of the planet. At Ambientech we promote this strategy with the realization of an educational itinerary aimed at the school that deals with the circular economy.

What is it and what are the actions that we can take individually to achieve the sustainability of the planet. Concepts such as programmed obsolescence or the open and closed material cycle will help the user to understand the concept from a more global and concrete vision.

The resource contains numerous animations and small memorization games that facilitate learning. It is designed for the user to do the resource at their own pace, adapting to the individual needs of the student.

Visit the educational resource! Let’s practice the circular economy and stop climate change!


The edition of this educational itinerary has been possible thanks to the collaboration between Cellnex and Ambientech. Thanks to this collaboration, this educational itinerary is of quality and open access.

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